Sаrаh Huckаbее Јust Тurnеd Tо Rеpоrtеrs аnd Sаid 1 Тhing Thаt Will Dеstrоy Меdiа Liеs!

Sarah Huckabee has been on fire as of late. She is not going to be putting up with anymore of the liberal lies that aim to try to destroy President Donald Trump and his administration. She handles herself with such class. Even during times when it seems like the liberal media has gotten to her, she keeps her calm and carries on with such class.

She has had to put up with a lot. This is not an easy job to have in the Trump administration considering all of the hate that the Press Secretary gets. There is no excuse for the way she has been treated and it needs to stop.

Right before she left, she turned to the cameras and said that it is funny how the media did not ask any questions about the Russia investigation. She said this because it has been proven that this whole Russia investigation is a fraud.

More needs to happen to protect members of the Trump administration from the hate that the liberal media brings. There needs to be some serious talks about what can happen to stop this madness.

Sarah Huckabee has been in a very tough position from the start and yet, she has handled herself with nothing but dignity and class. She will continue on in this direction until the liberals finally see that what they are doing is wrong. Unfortunately, that could be a very long time.

President Trump has also been dealing with a lot of hate himself. The Russia investigation has been at the back of his mind ever since it was announced that Robert Mueller was going to be the one heading the investigation. Trump has been putting up with a lot of hate from the liberals for a very long time now.

He is fighting back hard now. Robert Mueller has been after him from the start. He has shown no signs that he is going to conduct this investigation in an unbiased way. Sarah Huckabee Sanders knows what it takes to be in the position that she is in.