Social media is claiming to know the identity of the person who drove the car into a crowd of protesters today in Charlottesville, Virginia. If true, the identity is a startling revelation: the suspect is an ANTIFA supporter who may have believed he was running over Trump supporters.

We must stress that this information is unconfirmed. Please do not take this as fact until more sources are available.
The person responsible for the car attack appears to be Joel Vangheluwe. This image appeared online appearing to link the car’s registration to his father.

In Joel’s social media, it is clear his father bought him the car. His social media also makes it clear he hates Donald Trump. Reports say the driver was drunk or stoned, so it appears he may have run over the wrong intended target.
Here is the registration information. broke the story. Here is their information.

Evidence indicates a left-winger mowed down antifa counter-protestors in Charlottesville, not a right-winger or white nationalist, GotNews can exclusively reveal.

License plate searches of the 2010 Dodge Challenger that killed one and injured nearly 20 in Charlottesville found that the vehicle was registered to a Jerome Vangheluwe of Michigan.

A Facebook crawl of his relatives reveals the car was in the possession of his son, Joel.
Here are screenshots from Joel’s social media.

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We will update this story as details become available.