Breаking!! Lооk What Was Јust Аnnоunced Аbоut Јоhn МcCain!!

A GOP Senator has now suggested that Senator John McCain’s Brain Tumor is what led him to vote against the Obamacare repeal.

APNews reported: WASHINGTON (AP) — Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has suggested fellow Republican Sen. John McCain’s brain tumor and the after-midnight timing of the vote were factors in McCain’s decisive vote against the GOP health care bill.

Johnson’s comments in a radio interview Tuesday with AM560 “Chicago’s Morning Answer” drew a response from McCain spokeswoman Julie Tarallo. She said, “it is bizarre and deeply unfortunate that Senator Johnson would question the judgment of a colleague and friend.”

McCain said he voted against the bill last month because it fell short of the Republican promise to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act with meaningful reform.

Johnson said in the interview McCain had “a brain tumor right now. That vote occurred at 1:30 in the morning. Some of that might have factored in.”

That surprised the interviewer, who asked, “Really?” and wondered whether the senator’s illness and the late night affected his judgment.

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